Safety and OSHA News

Does losing hearing qualify worker for disability?

An employee who worked for years around loud machinery suffered hearing loss. He says that qualifies him for disability payments, but his employer disagrees. How did a court rule?  [Read more…]

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Employee falls 37 feet onto co-worker; $189K in fines

Oregon OSHA says workers for this construction company were exposed to hazards that could cause death or serious injury as they worked to restore the Ross Island Bridge in Portland.  [Read more…]

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Did pre-existing condition negate workers’ comp for injury?

An employee had two previous surgeries for herniated discs, neither one caused by work. Years later he injured his back again, this time on the job. Will workers’ comp pay for this injury?  [Read more…]

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Pot dispensary worker partakes, suffers panic attack, falls off fence: Workers’ comp?

A workers’ comp insurer didn’t want to issue benefits to a pot dispensary worker who smoked a joint and then was injured. What was the ruling in this case?  [Read more…]

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Next 5 states to legalize recreational marijuana

In another year, the number of states legalizing small amounts of recreational marijuana could double from two to four. That means employers in those states will have to carefully review their employee drug policies.  [Read more…]

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