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Notre-Dame architect acknowledges mistakes were made in fire protection plan

Wikimedia, Sébastien Ramseyer

One of the more difficult tasks in protecting buildings from fire is bringing old structures up to modern fire codes. So the challenge of protecting centuries-old Notre-Dame was daunting. Now, an official says they underestimated the challenge.  [Read more…]

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Notre Dame will pay $42K in student worker’s death

Indiana OSHA has agreed to cut almost in half proposed fines to the University of Notre Dame in connection with the death of a student who was filming a football practice last fall. The university has agreed to take a number of steps as part of the settlement. [Read more…]

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Notre Dame fined $77K for student-worker’s death

The University of Notre Dame is responsible for the death of a student-worker while he was filming football practice on a scissor lift in high winds, according to a report from Indiana OSHA (IOSHA).

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Notre Dame president takes responsibility for worker’s death

In a world that’s often focused on blame — and shifting it from place to place — it’s refreshing to see the head of an organization come forward and say, “I’m responsible for our employee’s death.” [Read more…]

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