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$10.5M fatality settlement: Worker fell through hole into icy river

Just weeks before a trial was to start in the case, the family of a deceased worker has reached a settlement with the general contractor on a rehabilitation project.  [Read more…]

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No one saw fatal incident: Was worker’s pot use to blame for his death?

An employee working alone on the night shift was found seriously wounded and died. A post-injury drug test showed marijuana present in his system. Will the drug test negate workers’ comp death benefits for his family?

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Why some workers make poor safety decisions

Why’d he do that? Ever find yourself thinking that after an incident or near-miss at your workplace? Here’s a factor that should be considered in any root-cause analysis.  [Read more…]

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New study: Ways night workers can stay alert and safe

Work shifts that fall significantly outside of 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. can have a negative effect on workplace safety and wreck havoc with employees’ sleep schedules. But a new study offers tactics workers can use to be more alert at work, get better sleep and have more normal schedules on their days off. [Read more…]

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