Safety and OSHA News

Should OSHA regulate the NFL?

The serious ramifications of NFL players suffering concussions have received more and more attention. Now a professor of environmental health sciences is suggesting that OSHA “step up” to the challenge of making the sport safer for players.  [Read more…]

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Prescription pain killers: The NFL story

To educate employees about the dangers of prolonged use of prescription painkillers, companies might want to share stories that recently came to light from former professional football players.

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Former Chicago Bears players lose workers’ comp case

A federal court has ruled that three former Chicago Bears players can’t file for workers’ comp benefits in California and should file in Illinois instead. This appears to end the players’ attempt to file in a state with better benefits. [Read more…]

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Workers’ comp a holdup in NFL labor talks

Think about this the next time you’re watching a football game: NFL players have many of the same rights as other types of employees to collect workers’ compensation benefits if they’re injured on the job. And the fact pro football players travel for their jobs gives them a workers’ comp advantage. [Read more…]

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