Safety and OSHA News

OSHA revises respirable silica emphasis program

OSHA announced it has made some revisions to its National Emphasis Program on respirable crystalline silica in general industry, maritime and construction.  [Read more…]

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$1.2 million OSHA fine for hiding injuries and illnesses


OSHA fines over one-million dollars have become more common. But here’s one with a twist: It’s not for workplace hazards — it’s for recordkeeping violations. [Read more…]

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Are safety incentive programs now red flags for OSHA inspectors?

It’s long been a subject of debate among safety pros: Do safety incentive programs reduce injuries, or do they encourage workers not to report when they get hurt? It seems OSHA has weighed in on the issue, buried within a directive for its inspectors. [Read more…]

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Fine shows OSHA is serious about combustible dust crackdown

An Alabama company faces one willful violation from OSHA for allowing explosive dust to accumulate on machinery and the shop floor. [Read more…]

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