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No one saw fall that eventually killed worker: Can his widow get workers’ comp?

An employee fell off a ladder and died of complications several days later. No one saw the fall, and the employee didn’t report it. Can his widow receive workers’ comp benefits?  [Read more…]

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Worker smoked pot on job, arbitrator said don’t fire him: How did court rule?

A maintenance worker was caught smoking pot on the job. His employer fired him, but an arbitrator said he should get a six-month suspension without pay instead. The employer appealed. At issue before the state’s supreme court: Is this worker’s job “safety sensitive”?  [Read more…]

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Court: Employee was worked to death, widow gets comp

A maintenance worker put in 14+ hours one day at work, which included using a jackhammer for hours. He died on the job of a heart attack. His widow wants workers’ comp death benefits. His employer denied her claim. Why did a court conclude his death was compensable?

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Did company intentionally disable safety device?

An employee can sue an employer outside of workers’ compensation if it can be proved the employer intended to cause injury to a worker. In this case, a worker was seriously injured when a safety device apparently failed to operate properly.  [Read more…]

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Family files lawsuit in worker’s trash compactor death

Did a maintenance worker willfully enter a trash compactor, or did he fall in? That’s one question involved with a lawsuit filed by the worker’s children, alleging wrongful death. [Read more…]

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