Safety and OSHA News

Businesses receive stop-work orders for lacking machine guards

OSHA fines are one thing. But imagine being shut down because of a safety violation. In this case, it was lack of machine guards. [Read more…]

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Company faces $1M fine for willfully exposing employees to hazards

A worker’s complaint brought OSHA to a Houston company. The complaint was substantiated, and OSHA found even more violations that added up to a hefty fine because the company had been cited for them before. [Read more…]

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17-year-old employee killed in shredder; can family sue for wrongful death?


A company removed guards from a shredder, assigned an underage employee to use it and didn’t train him. The teen was crushed to death in the shredder. Does the teen’s family have a case for wrongful death, or are they limited to workers’ comp death benefits? [Read more…]

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Worker pulled into lathe, killed; OSHA fines company

A company in Barboursville, WV, faces $56,250 in OSHA fines following a fatality at the plant earlier this year. [Read more…]

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