Safety and OSHA News

New research: As little as 16 minutes less sleep can harm work concentration

Poor sleep may lead to bad decision-making and distracting thoughts at work, according to a recent study by the Work, Family and Health Network.  [Read more…]

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Identifying employees most affected by shift work

Some employees adapt well to shift work. For others, it can create serious health and safety problems. How can you find those who will adapt better? [Read more…]

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Will California’s new workers’ comp law lower costs?

Starting next year, California will enact a number of changes in its workers’ comp law aimed at reducing costs for businesses but also increasing benefits for some injured employees. [Read more…]

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Does workers’ comp cover injured employee’s home security system?


No question about this: Workers’ Compensation covers medical treatment for employees injured on the job. However, does a home security system qualify as medical treatment? [Read more…]

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