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Did injury from slip-and-fall in employee parking lot qualify for workers’ comp?

It’s an all-too-common situation: An employee slips and falls in an employee parking lot. His injury keeps him out of work for a few months. Did he qualify for workers’ comp benefits?  [Read more…]

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10 ways fatigue harms the workplace

Safety pros know the impact fatigued employees create in the workplace. Here’s a reminder of how big that impact can be.  [Read more…]

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Is company liable for injury due to horseplay?

This worker wasn’t able to go back to his job after suffering injuries when he was tackled during horseplay. The injured worker sued the employer. Is the employer liable?  [Read more…]

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Did undocumented employee face retaliation for workers’ comp claim?

An undocumented immigrant was placed on unpaid leave after filing a workers’ comp claim. The worker sued, claiming placing him on leave was retaliation for filing the claim. What did the court say?  [Read more…]

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Forklift injury prompts OSHA visit, $47K fine

A worker for a Georgia nursery crushed his pelvis in a forklift accident. OSHA investigated and discovered 17 unrelated serious safety violations at the facility.  [Read more…]

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Top 10 industries for OSHA complaints

More than one out of every five OSHA inspections result from employee complaints. Is your industry one of the top 10 that generate the most complaints?

[Read more…]

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Worker breaks leg while turning around, gets comp


For most employees, turning around isn’t dangerous. But for a nurse in Mississippi, that simple act resulted in a broken leg, a protracted court battle, and ultimately, a sizable workers’ comp award.  [Read more…]

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Worker hurt in off-duty exercise class — why company had to pay


You hear it all the time: Sedentary, overweight and out-of-shape employees can be a huge drain when it comes to health insurance, workers’ comp and other costs. Whip ’em into shape and you’ll save, save, save! [Read more…]

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Worker paralyzed from fall wins big jury award

Worker’s comp shields companies from expensive lawsuits (most of the time) when a worker is injured on the job. But injured workers can file — and win — expensive lawsuits against third parties involved in the incidents. [Read more…]

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Employee falls on co-worker; 1 dead, 1 injured

From our Bizarre Accidents File: When it comes to injuries involving falls from heights, your first thought probably goes to the person who fell. This story shows others are in danger from falls as well. [Read more…]

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