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Light duty refused by injured worker; can she get workers’ comp benefits?

An employer offered light duty to an injured worker who had work restrictions. The employee refused to take the job, claiming it wasn’t within her doctor’s work restrictions, and she applied for workers’ comp benefits. Did a court say she should receive benefits?   [Read more…]

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Injured worker fired for not being able to do his job: Is that disability discrimination?

A jury ruled a company discriminated against an employee when it fired him for not being able to do his job after a workplace injury. Did an appeals court uphold the jury verdict?  [Read more…]

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Did mistake in urine collection allow injured worker to receive comp benefits?

This case shows that some states will hold employers to strict standards when it comes to proving that an employee shouldn’t receive workers’ comp because they were under the influence of marijuana.  [Read more…]

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Company to pay injured worker $27K to settle disability lawsuit

Safeway Inc. will pay a food clerk $27,000 and rehire her to resolve a federal disability discrimination lawsuit.  [Read more…]

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Company ordered to pay $536K for retaliating against injured worker

OSHA has ordered North America’s second-largest freight railroad to reinstate an employee and pay him $536,063 for retaliating against him after reporting a knee injury.  [Read more…]

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Worker on PCP when hurt still sues for comp


A worker tests positive for PCP right after he’s injured. Is he still able to collect workers’ comp benefits? [Read more…]

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