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Injured during pre-employment test: Does he get comp?

“Welcome to the company.” Could that phrase put you on the hook for workers’ comp?  [Read more…]

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Slipped and fell on icy parking lot: Will he get workers’ comp?

Knee surgery and time away from work were the results of an employee’s fall on an icy parking lot while leaving work. Does he qualify for workers’ comp benefits?

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Is second injury related to first on-the-job incident?

A worker injures his knee on the job and as a result received physical therapy (PT). While taking a short break from a PT session, he’s struck by a car in a parking lot, injuring his other knee. Is the second injury work-related, and will he get workers’ comp benefits for it? [Read more…]

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Employee hurt at lunch during charity race; does she get comp?


An employee participates in an indoor relay race as part of a charity event during her unpaid lunch period. She slips on a streamer and injures her knee. Does she get workers’ comp benefits? [Read more…]

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