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Injured from fall, tested positive for weed: Does she get workers’ comp?

Judges split 2-1 on whether an employee who was injured at work should receive workers’ comp benefits after testing positive for weed. Which side prevailed?  [Read more…]

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Not sure what she tripped over: Is this a compensable injury?

The employee in this case was injured while walking down a hallway. She fell when she tripped over something, but she’s not sure what made her fall. Is this a workers’ comp injury?  [Read more…]

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Workers’ comp: Is an inadequate urine sample a refusal to take drug test?

This company argued its injured worker shouldn’t receive workers’ comp benefits because of an inadequate urine sample during a drug test. How did a court rule?  [Read more…]

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Can nurse get workers’ comp benefits for PTSD?

A nurse says workplace training dredged up memories of abuse he suffered as a child, and that his resulting post traumatic stress disorder left him unable to work. Can he get workers’ comp benefits for PTSD?

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Worker can’t remember fall: Will he get comp for serious head injury?

A co-worker found this employee bleeding from the head and incoherent. The injured employee can’t remember how he got the head wound. Will workers’ comp pay for the injury?  [Read more…]

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OSHA uses general duty clause to issue workplace violence fine

As Wal-Mart fights an OSHA general duty clause (GDC) fine about retail crowds, the agency has issued another citation under the catch-all regulation involving workplace violence. [Read more…]

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Leg caught in equipment; doctors have to amputate on site

A 20-year-old worker’s leg got caught in a machine used to drill holes. [Read more…]

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