Safety and OSHA News

Should workers’ comp benefits be reduced because worker didn’t wear PPE?

The question the court had to decide in this case: Did the worker intentionally not wear his PPE?  [Read more…]

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OSHA fines company for each worker exposed to fall hazards: $367K total

Here’s one way a company can be sure to get a big OSHA fine: Deny protective gear to a worker, cause the worker to suffer serious injuries and then fail to promptly report the incident.  [Read more…]

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Tower painter falls 90 feet, dies; OSHA issues $115K fine

“Three children are without a father because of a preventable tragedy,” OSHA said in connection with the death of a communication tower painter.  [Read more…]

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Warning: If struck by really heavy object, lifeline might not work


A construction worker using a self-retracting lifeline attached to his harness is struck by large, heavy aluminum plates that fell from a crane. The employee is seriously injured and won’t walk again. Should the lifeline have had a warning label stating that, in such situations, the gear might not protect the employee? [Read more…]

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