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Did mistake in urine collection allow injured worker to receive comp benefits?

This case shows that some states will hold employers to strict standards when it comes to proving that an employee shouldn’t receive workers’ comp because they were under the influence of marijuana.  [Read more…]

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Court: Employer not immune from lawsuit by worker who was shot and injured

A court has ruled that a state’s so-called “Bring Your Guns to Work Act” doesn’t provide immunity to liability for an employer whose employee accidentally shot a man while carrying a gun.  [Read more…]

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Is worker who violated alcohol policy covered under company’s auto insurance?

An employee was allowed to use a company vehicle for work and personal purposes. One day, after having four beers, he was in a crash that injured another driver. Does the company’s auto insurer have to pay the $1 million in damages awarded to the other driver?  [Read more…]

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Employee disobeyed a direct safety rule: Can he get workers’ comp?

A supervisor told this worker how to perform part of his job. The employee ignored the supervisor and did it his own way, resulting in serious injuries. Can the injured employee get workers’ comp?  [Read more…]

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Employee disobeyed supervisor and was injured; can he get workers’ comp?

An employee disregarded instructions given to him by his supervisor, and as a result was seriously injured. The employee filed for workers’ comp benefits, and his employer denied the claim. How did a court rule in this case?  [Read more…]

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State uncovers 538 businesses without workers’ comp in three months

Computers are making it easier for state inspectors to check whether businesses have workers’ comp insurance policies. The result: more fines. [Read more…]

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