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Court: Company was justified in firing injured worker

Firing an injured worker is often a sticky situation. Is the employee being fired for disregarding a safety rule or in retaliation for the injury? In this case, the employer showed the firing wasn’t retaliatory, according to a federal court.  [Read more…]

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Injured at work, then he got into a fight and was fired: Can he collect comp?

This employee received workers’ comp benefits for workplace injuries. Then he got into a physical fight with a co-worker and was fired. Did his comp benefits continue?  [Read more…]

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Injured during team building: Was firing retaliation for workers’ comp claim?

The court deciding this case noted its ironic twist: “A company outing meant to boost morale and teamwork resulted in an injury … and this acrimonious lawsuit.”  [Read more…]

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Injured right after he was fired: Can he collect workers’ comp?

Imagine this: An employee is fired and told to pack up his belongings and leave. In the course of doing that, he’s injured. Can he collect workers’ comp?  [Read more…]

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Brawl over water bottle: Court says firing not retaliation for workers’ comp claim

Lobby video shows a hotel manager escalated an incident with a man who complained that a vending machine gave him the wrong drink. Shouting turned into a physical fight, injuring the manager who filed for comp, then was fired. Was the firing justified, or was it retaliation for filing the comp claim?

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Fired for snowplowing with a beer

The city of Montreal, Canada, has shown that it takes drinking — or even just carrying — alcohol on the job while using city equipment very seriously. [Read more…]

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