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Chimpanzee sanctuary to pay $12K in OSHA fines: Employees’ fingers bitten off

A nonprofit animal sanctuary in Tumalo, OR, agreed to pay $12,520 in fines to Oregon OSHA, in connection with incidents in which employees suffered serious injuries while working with chimpanzees. But the state isn’t done looking into the sanctuary.  [Read more…]

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Did injury leave worker without use of his hands?

An electric shock caused this worker to lose one finger and part of a thumb, and also caused nerve damage. For workers’ comp purposes, did this amount to loss of use of both of his hands?  [Read more…]

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2 amputations, 1 while inspector present: OSHA fines company $119K

Can you think of a worse scenario? Part of a worker’s thumb was cut off while an OSHA inspector was onsite.  [Read more…]

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2 amputations in less than 2 weeks: $141K in OSHA fines

OSHA visited this company because a worker had two fingers amputated while working on shearing machines. While the inspector was there, company officials said a second worker suffered an identical injury just days after the first one.  [Read more…]

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