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Where was the lockout/tagout? Worker killed

“I’ll just be a moment.” “No one would throw the switch while I’m working on the machine.” This workplace fatality shows there’s never a good reason not to lock out equipment while maintenance is being performed. [Read more…]

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Worker habits that annoy safety pros the most


Recently, we wrote about a survey that put “safety” as the No. 6 most annoying thing in the workplace. So, we asked you what is most annoying about workers when it comes to safety. Here are your answers: [Read more…]

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Best responses to 5 biggest PPE excuses

“How do I get all my employees to wear their safety gear all the time?” It’s one of the top challenges safety pros face year after year. So we asked 290 of your peers about their experiences to find out the top reasons workers give for not wearing PPE. [Read more…]

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