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Top 10 Safety News Alert posts of 2018

Which posts were most read on Safety News Alert in 2018? Here’s a top-10 list of what your peers in workplace safety have clicked on:  [Read more…]

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Worker injured when car falls three floors in parking garage

It’s easy to fall into routines at work. Things seem to work the same every day. But what happens when, just once, something doesn’t work as it usually does? That’s what happened at a Manhattan parking garage. [Read more…]

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Will employee get workers’ comp for fall in elevator?

You can bet slip-and-falls that cause injuries will often result in workers’ comp claims. But what happens when the fall takes place in an elevator before the employee gets to her company’s office? [Read more…]

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2 construction workers rescued from drowning … in an elevator

New York City Fire Department Capt. James Melvin says he’s never witnessed anything like this in his 34-year career: the rescue of two construction workers from neck-high water in an elevator. [Read more…]

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