Safety and OSHA News

Keeping workers safe during hurricane recovery efforts

OSHA urges employers to be prepared to keep their workers safe during extreme weather. [Read more…]

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Metal ladder touches electric line; worker dies, OSHA issues fine

Calling the situation “blatant disregard for worker safety,” OSHA has fined an out-of-business roofing contractor in connection with an electrocution last year.  [Read more…]

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Equipment touches power line, worker electrocuted; $448K OSHA fine

An employee died from injuries sustained while working with equipment that touched an overhead power line. A worker for the same company suffered injuries previously in a similar incident. Now the company faces almost half-a-million dollars in OSHA fines. [Read more…]

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Electrocution leads to OSHA inspection, $189K fine

An employee was electrocuted while working to restore power to a pumping station. OSHA heard about the fatality and investigated. The agency says workers lacked safety gear. [Read more…]

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Proof that even changing a light bulb can be deadly

Cal-OSHA is looking into a fatality involving a 19-year-old gas station employee. [Read more…]

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Metal pole and power lines: Deadly combination

A recent fatality shows once again why employees working near power lines need to plan their tasks with electrical hazards in mind. [Read more…]

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