Safety and OSHA News

Top 5 safety concerns for workers

A new EHS survey by finds workers are more concerned about their workplace safety than they were a year ago. 

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Manufacturer faces $320K fine for exposing employees to amputation and other hazards

OSHA has cited Sabel Steel Service Inc., based in Montgomery, AL, for exposing employees to amputation, fall and other hazards at four of its facilities.  [Read more…]

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Repeat violations add up: Company faces $654K in OSHA fines

Getting fined by OSHA once is bad enough. Get caught violating the same regulations again, and the fines just get more expensive. This company learned that the hard way. [Read more…]

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Court: OSHA fine was based on worker’s lie

The Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission recently overturned an OSHA fine issued to a company in connection with a worker injury. OSHRC found OSHA relied upon questionable statements from the employee to issue the violation.  [Read more…]

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$487K fine: 33 violations, including lack of safety training

Do you work at a company that has more than one facility? It might pay to keep track of OSHA inspections at your company’s other facilities. Those other inspections can have an impact on you. [Read more…]

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Handler killed by circus elephant

No doubt that it was a workplace accident, so OSHA is investigating a fatality linked to a circus elephant. [Read more…]

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