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New toolkit to help employers address opioid usage by employees

If you’re not sure your company has a comprehensive plan to address employee opioid addiction, you’re not alone. The good news is that the National Safety Council has released materials to help employers.  [Read more…]

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Positive drug test wasn’t cause of injury: What happens to workers’ comp?

After suffering a workplace injury, an employee tested positive for marijuana. The company admits drug use wasn’t the cause of the injury. Can the company deny workers’ comp to the employee?  [Read more…]

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Court: Companies can fire employees who use medical marijuana

Slowly, more courts are dealing with the issues involving medical or recreational marijuana and the workplace. The most recent ruling can be seen as a win for employers.  [Read more…]

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How do new state pot laws affect workplace drug policies?

Let’s say your company’s drug-free workplace policy bans employees from working under the influence, whether it’s alcohol or drugs. How do new state marijuana laws impact that policy? [Read more…]

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Re-injured worker tests positive for pot: Comp benefits suspended?

A company had a drug-free workplace policy so its heavy machinery was used safely. An employee suffered an injury, and his drug test turned up positive for marijuana. Could the company suspend his workers’ comp benefits because of the positive drug test? [Read more…]

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Medical marijuana vs. workplace safety: Cloud of confusion?


Marijuana is now legal as a prescription painkiller in 14 states. But what if you have a drug-free-workplace policy? [Read more…]

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