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Injured worker fired for not being able to do his job: Is that disability discrimination?

A jury ruled a company discriminated against an employee when it fired him for not being able to do his job after a workplace injury. Did an appeals court uphold the jury verdict?  [Read more…]

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Disability discrimination or he couldn’t safely do job? Court decides

An employee says he was discriminated against because of a disability. His employer says an analysis showed he couldn’t do the job safely. How did a court rule?  [Read more…]

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Was employee fired for series of workers’ comp claims?

A worker says he was wrongfully fired after filing three workers’ comp claims in an eight-year period. The company says he was fired for violating a lockout/tagout policy. Can the company get the worker’s lawsuit thrown out?

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Worker with no vision in one eye wins discrimination lawsuit: $245K payout

Saying that he posed a “direct threat” based on safety, a company withdrew a job offer to an oil rig worker because he didn’t have vision in one eye. Now a court has ruled in favor of the worker.  [Read more…]

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Company says he’s too fat to work safely: Applicant sues

An applicant was told he wasn’t qualified for a safety-sensitive job because of the “significant health and safety risks associated with [his] extreme obesity.” Now the applicant says the employer discriminated against him because of a disability — obesity. [Read more…]

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