Safety and OSHA News

Former safety manager pleads guilty to fraud

It’s still relatively rare for safety infractions to result in criminal charges. The exception often involves making false statements to the government, as is the case here.  [Read more…]

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Teen killed in rotating auger: Employer faces criminal charge

Prosecutors have filed a criminal charge against a landscaping company after a 19-year-old worker was killed by a rotating auger inside the hopper of a truck.  [Read more…]

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Owner faces prison time in death of worker from fall

Federal officials have charged the owner of an asphalt plant with violation of a safety standard causing the death of an employee. If convicted, the owner could go to jail. 

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Business owner faces prison, large fine for worker electrocution

The electrocution death of a worker could send the owner of a painting business to prison. [Read more…]

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Company pleads guilty to criminal charge in worker’s death

An OSHA fine isn’t always the only penalty a company can expect from the government when it experiences a workplace fatality. [Read more…]

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