Safety and OSHA News

Arm fractured in conveyor: Was injury reasonably predictable?

A company appealed an OSHA citation, arguing a hazard wasn’t reasonably predictable, therefore the fine should be thrown out. How did a judge rule?  [Read more…]

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OSHA: Lack of lockout/tagout led to worker’s death

OSHA has cited ATW Automation in connection with a worker’s fatal blunt force trauma injuries at the company’s facility in Dayton, Ohio. [Read more…]

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Worker crushed to death by pinto beans in warehouse

OSHA is trying to determine how a worker in a Brush, CO, warehouse was crushed to death by a 15-foot high pile of pinto beans. [Read more…]

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Company faces fine after worker is injured on conveyor

Conveyor belts and tracks too often prove to be the source of serious employee injuries. Those injuries attract OSHA’s attention and wind up as fines. [Read more…]

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Man killed in wood chipper

With Spring just around the corner, it’s a good time to refresh safety training for outdoor workers. As this case shows, unsafe acts are too often fatal. [Read more…]

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