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Medical marijuana user loses job offer: Is that discrimination?

Navigating state medical marijuana laws isn’t getting any easier.  [Read more…]

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Fainted at work, hit her head: Why did court award workers’ comp benefits?

No one is arguing that this employee’s fainting spell on the job wasn’t caused by work. So why did she receive workers’ comp benefits after a recent court ruling?  [Read more…]

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Recent court cases rule in favor of employees using medical pot: What’s going on?

Has a legal tide turned when it comes to workers who have prescriptions for medical marijuana? A judge’s explanation of his ruling in a Connecticut case points out a distinction that is causing some cases to go in favor of the employee.  [Read more…]

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Worker smoked pot on job, arbitrator said don’t fire him: How did court rule?

A maintenance worker was caught smoking pot on the job. His employer fired him, but an arbitrator said he should get a six-month suspension without pay instead. The employer appealed. At issue before the state’s supreme court: Is this worker’s job “safety sensitive”?  [Read more…]

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Car transmission frame falls on worker’s head: What will comp pay for?

When do workers get to choose their own doctors following a workplace injury? That’s the issue in this case in which a car part fell on a worker’s head.  [Read more…]

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Top 10 most expensive states for workers’ comp

The state that had the most expensive workers’ comp rates for employers in 2010 managed to improve its ranking somewhat in the last two years. Click through to see how your state’s premiums compare: [Read more…]

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