Safety and OSHA News

Federal budget includes first increase in OSHA fines in 15 years

It’s not a done deal yet, but it appears OSHA fines could increase in 2016 due to language in the federal budget bill that’s been agreed upon between Republicans in Congress and the Obama administration. The fines could increase almost 80% in one jump, and increase annually by the rate of inflation after that.

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Employee dies at company that received OSHA’s VPP Star

As debate continues in Washington, DC, on how to fund OSHA’s Voluntary Protection Program (VPP), a recent case shows that the program isn’t a guarantee against workplace fatalities. [Read more…]

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OSHA violations: Time for ‘creative sentencing?’


Democrats in Congress and the Obama administration want to increase OSHA fines as a deterrent so companies don’t skimp on safety. Republicans, who will control the U.S. House in January, say it’s big government trying to get bigger. Should the U.S. look north for a compromise? [Read more…]

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72% of Congressional offices violate OSHA regs

Members of Congress should have some idea about how difficult it is to comply completely with OSHA standards: Only 28% of their offices do so. [Read more…]

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Bill would create new combustible dust standard

Preventing the accumulation of combustible dust in workplaces would become mandatory instead of just good safety practice if three members of Congress get their way. [Read more…]

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