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Chimp attack won’t be covered by workers’ comp

A pet chimpanzee attacked an employee who had been summoned to her boss’ house. The worker sued her employer who countered that workers’ comp should cover this incident. Now, there appears to be a settlement in this case. [Read more…]

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Officer who witnessed chimp attack can’t get workers’ comp

Remember the story from about a year ago in which a chimp tore off the face and hands of a woman? The police officer who shot and killed the raging animal was denied workers’ comp benefits. [Read more…]

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Chimp attack sets stage for novel comp case

Most companies have all the work-related hazards they need, thank you. They see no need to introduce additional hazards not normally associated with whatever work is involved. But one company’s unusual gimmick has set the stage for what promises to be an interesting workers’ comp decision. [Read more…]

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