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Chipotle settles after jury awards $7.9M to employee in workers’ comp retaliation case

Following an almost $8 million jury verdict, Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc. reached a confidential settlement with a former manager who claims the restaurant chain retaliated against her after she filed a workers’ comp claim.  [Read more…]

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Was carpal tunnel caused by driving truck, extreme obesity or both?

A former truck driver was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome. Should he receive workers’ comp benefits? The question comes down to what caused his carpal tunnel: work or weighing 500 pounds?  [Read more…]

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Top workers’ comp cases of 2016 Part 1: The issues

With a mix of brand new, evolving and old issues, here are 10 workers’ comp cases from 2016 that show the questions courts have faced in the last 12 months on who gets to participate in the system known as the grand bargain:  [Read more…]

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Can seasonal employee get workers’ comp for carpal tunnel?

Soon, if not already, thousands of people in the U.S. will enter the workforce or add part-time jobs during the holiday season. If seasonal employees develop carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), are they covered by workers’ comp?  [Read more…]

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New video technology detects likelihood of ergonomic injuries

How would you like to be able to point your smart phone or digital camera at an employee and find out whether their motions at work could lead to ergonomic injuries? The day when you’ll be able to do that may not be that far away. [Read more…]

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Did worker properly inform company about injury?

A state workers’ compensation law requires employees to give proper notice of a workplace injury to employers to receive benefits. The question in this case: Did a series of communications between employee and employer add up to proper notice? [Read more…]

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