Safety and OSHA News

Was company held liable for not using AED during worker’s heart attack?

An employee had a heart attack at work. The facility had an automated external defibrillator (AED) on site, but no one used it to help the employee. Did a court approve the employee’s request for workers’ comp benefits?   [Read more…]

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Employee seriously injured trying to stop horseplay: Did he get workers’ comp?

What if an employee is injured trying to break up what he thought was overly aggressive horseplay?  [Read more…]

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Worker says safety manager followed him to hospital to avoid lost-time injury record

No doubt part of your job as a safety manager is to avoid lost-time injuries. But the object is to do that before an injury occurs. This company landed in court because of what a safety manager is alleged to have done after an employee was injured.  [Read more…]

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