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Struck while on work-provided ATV, but he might’ve had a beer: Workers’ comp?

A farm worker was riding his employer’s all-terrain vehicle (ATV) after grabbing a beer at his residence and returning to the work site. He was struck by another vehicle and seriously injured. Did a court award him workers’ comp benefits?  [Read more…]

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Is worker who violated alcohol policy covered under company’s auto insurance?

An employee was allowed to use a company vehicle for work and personal purposes. One day, after having four beers, he was in a crash that injured another driver. Does the company’s auto insurer have to pay the $1 million in damages awarded to the other driver?  [Read more…]

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Don’t take away my beer

Imagine this: A company just recently ended a policy from 1847 that allowed its workers to drink as much beer on the job as they liked. The workers are upset, and they went on strike. [Read more…]

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