Safety and OSHA News

EEOC says employer didn’t provide accommodation in fragrance/asthma case

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has filed a lawsuit against a North Carolina employer for failing to provide an accommodation to an employee whose respiratory conditions were aggravated by fragrances in the workplace.  [Read more…]

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Court: Company can’t fire worker for going to media with health concerns

In what’s being called a “significant win for whistleblowers,” a federal court has ordered Lear Corp. to stop retaliating against an employee for going to the media about workers’ chemical exposure.  [Read more…]

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Do bad air and lots of stairs result in workers’ comp?

This employee was forced to breathe air with high pollution content while climbing up and down stairs at work. Was this enough to worsen his pre-existing asthma and qualify for workers’ comp? [Read more…]

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Moldy lottery tickets: New hazard?

An OSHA fact sheet says mold “can grow on almost any material.” Apparently, that includes lottery tickets. Two employees have filed for workers’ comp benefits over the moldy scratch-offs. [Read more…]

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Should worker receive permanent disability for his asthma?


It’s a fact: Dust, temperature and humidity factor into asthma attacks. But how can you tell if asthma is an ongoing disability? [Read more…]

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Customer’s perfume made her sick: Is company liable?


Imagine this: One of your employees complains that a customer’s perfume made her so sick that she needs permanent and total disability benefits. We’re not making this up: It actually happened. [Read more…]

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