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Will widow get death benefits after day laborer killed her husband?

An administrative law judge ruled Juan Cuen Amavizca’s widow should receive workers’ comp death benefits after her husband was killed by a day laborer. Did an appeals court uphold the ALJ’s ruling?  [Read more…]

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Employee in uniform assaulted before work: Can she get workers’ comp?

Did a court find this case to be one of the exceptions to the “going and coming rule” that usually prohibits payment for injuries suffered by an employee on their way to or from work?  [Read more…]

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Employee sets up fake assault to collect workers’ comp, according to authorities

A mass transit trolley operator has been indicted for allegedly paying an acquaintance to assault him on the job so he could collect workers’ comp benefits. A plastic Halloween pumpkin helped crack the case.  [Read more…]

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Federal range and forest workers facing increased violence

New data from an advocacy group shows national forest and rangeland employees are facing increased assaults and threats. What’s behind the spike in the numbers?  [Read more…]

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Waitress injured in bar fight: Will she get workers’ comp?

Injuries from assaults at work don’t automatically qualify for workers’ comp benefits. In this case, the owner of a bar said the injuries a waitress received in a fight shouldn’t qualify.

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Fired employee sues, says co-worker tried to punch him


Employees who complain about workplace safety and then are fired can successfully sue to get their jobs back, along with back pay and benefits. But is an unlanded punch from a co-worker enough to make a workplace unsafe? [Read more…]

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