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Employee struck by train, injured at work; did he suffer psychological injuries, too?


An employee suffered serious injuries at work, which were covered under workers’ comp. But one question remained: Did he suffer compensable psychological injuries, too?  [Read more…]

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Employee appeals firing after positive post-injury drug test for pot

Did Kohl’s Department Stores violate its own policy regarding workers who have a medical marijuana license when it fired an employee?  [Read more…]

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Does psychological pain caused by workplace injury qualify for workers’ comp?

An employee was injured in a work-related car crash. He suffered substantial physical injuries and was awarded workers’ comp. Should he also receive comp for psychological injuries due to the life-changing crash?  [Read more…]

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Does workers’ comp cover injured employee’s home security system?


No question about this: Workers’ Compensation covers medical treatment for employees injured on the job. However, does a home security system qualify as medical treatment? [Read more…]

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