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High pressure steam puts workers at risk: $882K in safety fines

Three contractors at a multi-employer construction site face a total of $882,000 in safety fines. Officials say the companies put workers’ lives at risk after a pressure valve was removed from a steam piping system.  [Read more…]

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Wall collapses, kills worker; Employer fined $280K

A contracting company faces more than a quarter-million dollars in fines in connection with the death of an employee who was crushed by a falling wall.  [Read more…]

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Top 10 states where mood-altering drug use is highest

Want to know if your workers are more likely to be under the influence of “mood-altering drugs?” A new study has state-by-state stats.

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Next 5 states to legalize recreational marijuana

In another year, the number of states legalizing small amounts of recreational marijuana could double from two to four. That means employers in those states will have to carefully review their employee drug policies.  [Read more…]

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Top 10 most expensive states for workers’ comp

The state that had the most expensive workers’ comp rates for employers in 2010 managed to improve its ranking somewhat in the last two years. Click through to see how your state’s premiums compare: [Read more…]

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