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Active shooter in the building! How will workers respond?

Do employees at your workplace know what to do if someone started shooting inside your building? [Read more…]

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She was shot to death at work: Will her husband get comp benefits?

When is a victim’s spouse eligible for workers’ comp benefits following a death due to workplace violence? This active shooter case spells out what the law says in one state.  [Read more…]

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How Best Buy prepares its employees for active shooter incidents

The FBI recently stated in a report, “We now live in the age of public shootings.” Here’s the training program Best Buy developed to defend against this growing safety threat.  [Read more…]

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Kansas senator: Employees are ‘defenseless’ against workplace shootings

Following a workplace shooting in Kansas, a state senator suggested armed employees could’ve saved lives, which begs the question: Can safety managers really prevent a workplace shooting? Or is this really a political issue?

[Read more…]

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