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Spring 2019 exclusive Safety News Alert survey results

We asked, and you told us. What did your peers have to say about workplace safety in 2019? See the results of the exclusive Safety News Alert survey. 

  1. How long have you overseen safety at your facility?
    Less than one year: 13%
    1-5 years: 44%
    6-10 years: 16%
    More than 10 years: 27%
  2. Is your job exclusively safety, or do you also have other responsibilities?
    All safety: 17%
    Safety and other duties: 83%
  3. Do employees at your facility use self-guided safety training (training they take alone at a computer)?
    Yes: 40%
    No: 60%
  4. How often do you use safety training videos?
    Every safety training session: 11%
    More than half of safety training sessions: 28%
    Less than half of safety training sessions: 45%
    Never: 16%
  5. How often do workers attend safety training at your facility?
    We have daily, short safety training sessions: 11%
    Once a week: 20%
    Once a month: 33%
    Less than once a month: 36%
  6. What grade would you give physical plant safety conditions at your facility?
    A: 20%
    B: 56%
    C: 20%
    D: 3%
    F: 1%
  7. Do you provide transportation safety training for your employees?
    Yes, because it’s required by law: 22%
    Yes, but it’s not required by law: 37%
    No: 41%
  8. In the last year, has the injury rate at your facility:
    Decreased: 40%
    Increased: 9%
    Stayed the same: 51%
  9. How likely are employees at your facility to come to you with safety concerns?
    Very likely: 51%
    Somewhat likely: 41%
    Unlikely: 7%
    They never do: 1%
  10. How many people are there on your safety committee?
    More than 10: 25%
    5-9: 35%
    2-4: 18%
    We don’t have a safety committee: 22%

The results are based on 179 responses.

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