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Small business hit hard for repeat violations

A small business with just 50 employees will have to pay a hefty OSHA fine for repeat violations after a recent re-inspection.

Lloyd Industries, Inc., of Montgomeryville, PA, was inspected in 2005. After OSHA conducted a recent follow-up, it issued citations for four repeat, one serious and five willful violations.

Total cost: $140,760.

The willful violations ($99,000) are for the company’s failure to provide elements of a hearing conservation program, including audiometric testing and training, to employees exposed to noise levels above 85 dBA.

The repeat violations ($40,160) are for the company’s failure to properly record employee injuries and illnesses, not guarding the point of operation on rivet machines and an electrical hazard. OSHA issues repeat violations when it finds a substantially similar violation to a previous one cited. The one serious violation was for $1,600.

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