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OSHA to investigate employee death at monster truck rally

A monster truck show promoter died after accidentally stepping in front of a moving vehicle at a recent rally in Madison, WI.

Now, OSHA is investigating.

Another element of this case makes it even more bizarre: The promoter, George Eisenhart, had defended his industry’s safety record in the news media just days before his death.

A statement from the Monster Truck Racing Association says Eisenhart walked in front of a moving vehicle in such a way that the driver didn’t have enough time to react, according to CNN.

Eight days before Eisenhart’s death, a six-year-old boy was killed by flying debris at a monster truck show in Tacoma, WA.

The promoter talked about the safety of monster truck shows in an interview with a Madison TV station just before the event.

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  1. 2/2/09

    I have never been to a Monster Truck Rally so I don’t have first hand knowledge of all the variables there but I would think that if Base Ball stadiums are not responsible for broken bats and balls injuring spectators, it should apply to the Truck Rallies as well.

  2. What an unfortuniate twist of fate…I saw the raw video of the incident and this gentleman was not even looking as he walked out onto the track area, and he did it when the truck was in a position to nothing about it, it was very sad indeed.
    There are inherent risks when participating or observing in any kind of sporting event, and in particular motorsports. Anybody who attends should be well aware of the dangers and the potential for injury or death to occur as a result of an accident. It was a tragedy that a child died as a result of an accident, but this also should remind all parents who are contemplating taking a child to a motorsport event that there is substantial risk involved.

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