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New twist on injury lawyer ads: This one’s funny, on purpose

Part of the problem with having injured employees miss days at work is that they’ll see all those personal injury lawyer ads while they’re watching daytime TV and then decide to sue.

And that’s despite how awful some of the ads are.

Well, one New York law firm is winking at its audience, saying, “We know those other ads are really bad.”

Trolman, Glaser & Lichtman has a new TV ad that pokes fun at other injury lawyer ads.

A woman says she’s in excruciating pain. Every time she moves, it feels like a machete chopping down on her.

The punch line: “It was the worst paper cut I ever had. They made that paper way too sharp. Someone has to pay.” She holds up her finger with a small bandage on it.

Then, the tagline, via a voiceover: “If you’ve been injured, call us, but keep in mind: You really need to be injured.”

Law firm partner Jeffrey Lichtman tells The New York Times, “It’s saying to the public that we understand that we’re a litigious society, No. 1 and, No. 2, we understand that litigiousness is food for a joke. But we also recognize there’s an importance to having access to the court system if there has been an injustice.”

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  1. Dennis Forsythe says:

    As someone who was injured at work and has to constantly battle for what I need to have a life I applaud this. I see so many that get away with nonsence and there are those of us that just want to have a life after an injury that was life changing. So I like it that there are lawyers that will investigate the valididty of the claim.

    Unfortunately that is of no help to me. I seem to always be fighting for what I need and sometimes have to take a “Deal” because someone did not file a paper so I end up with a loss. But that changes nothing I want my life and I get upset by the folk that abuse this benefit that is there to help folk live after a situation that causes a major illness for a person.

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