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New administrator says ‘OSHA is back’

Some tough talk about enforcement from OSHA’s interim administrator, Jordan Barab.

No one should really be surprised that OSHA under the Obama administration is stepping up enforcement.

But for anyone who had any doubts, Barab is making it pretty plain.

In a recent speech to the Maritime Advisory Committee, Barab noted the funding increase OSHA has already received to boost enforcement.

He capped off the budgetary summary by saying, “I want to be absolutely clear: OSHA is back in the business of standards and enforcement.”

Barab also noted that the funding increases aren’t over. The fiscal year 2010 budget proposes another $50 million increase for the agency.

OSHA plans to use part of that increase to hire 200 more employees: 130 more inspectors, 25 more investigators assigned specifically to whistleblower cases and 20 more staff who will help develop safety and health standards.

A transcript of Barab’s speech is here.

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