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National Safety Council launches Journey to Safety Excellence

The National Safety Council’s 2014 Congress marked the official kick-off of a program to help small- to medium-size companies get the resources they need to keep their employees safe. 

The NSC’s Journey to Safety Excellence is based on a strategy of continuous improvement which calls for:

  • committed leadership and engaged employees
  • safety management systems
  • removing risk, and
  • continually measuring and improving performance.

Among the NSC tools available to companies:

  • Safety System Assessment: a 69-question survey to evaluate your safety program and receive a personalized report on the effectiveness of your current safety management system
  • Employee Safety Perception Study: This will evaluate how your employees view your company’s safety culture and benchmark their responses against others. An individual report will highlight areas where your company can improve, and
  • Incident Rate Calculator: Enter your monthly data and compare it against industry averages. Your individual report will spot hidden trends in data that warn of problems or show improvement.
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