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Indicator tracking gets plant back on track

One of our plants had record low incident rates and record high safety walk participation, corrective action completion rates, employee training and behavior-based safety. 

Then they stepped back from this when they began installing new equipment lines and, as a result, their incident rates tripled.

I wanted to get this plant back on track, and I wanted to get our other plants to perform better as well. So we started tracking leading indicators including behavior based safety performed, number of monthly computer-based trainings completed on time, and leadership safety walk participation and corrective actions completed on time rates.

Risk grading and reporting

I began risk grading each plant based on a point system and participation in each category.

They would get a green “low risk” if participation was high, a yellow “medium risk” if they missed some things and a red “high risk” if they missed more than a few. I also had a black “danger risk.”

This was presented at monthly leadership meetings attended by our director of operations. Initially, this was an eye-opening experience for some plant managers who assumed they were doing better than they were.

With that information, they went back to their teams and ensured active participation.

Not only did their participation rates dramatically improve, but we had the lowest incident rate in our company’s history.

(Tim Hellem, EHS Manager, Nutrilite, Buena Park, CA)

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