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Experts: 4 myths about weed at work

As most states now allow medical marijuana and more are legalizing recreational use, laws and courts are increasingly addressing workplace ramifications. 

A panel of four experts addressed the issue of weed and work at the American Society of Safety Professionals’ Safety 2019 conference in New Orleans.

Biggest misconceptions

To kick off the discussion, the four speakers were asked to name what they believe is a big myth regarding marijuana and the workplace.

  • Eldeen Pozniak, Director, Pozniak Safety Associates: The biggest myth is that marijuana changes things in the workplace. We’ve always had the responsibility that employees be fit for safe duty, even before the new marijuana laws.
  • Marcos Iglesias, Chief Medical Officer, Broadspire: There’s been an artificial distinction between medical and recreational marijuana. Medical has come to mean respectable.
  • Stephanie Hopper, CEO, KSF Consulting: The biggest myth is who is a marijuana user. Everyone is a potential marijuana user. It’s not just “stoners.”
  • Adele Abrams, Attorney: People think because it’s illegal at the federal level, they can hire and fire marijuana users with impunity. New state laws are changing that.

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