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Does workers’ comp pay for injured employee’s housekeeping?

An employer’s insurance coverage doesn’t pay for housekeeping services for workers injured on the job, according to a new ruling by Arizona’s Court of Appeals. But that’s not the case in all states.

A Phoenix police officer tripped over an electrical cord at work. She required knee and back surgery.

Afterward, she could only get around with crutches or a wheelchair.

Her doctor recommended that she be provided with housekeeping services, and she sought that as a benefit from her employer’s workers’ comp insurer.

The insurer fought the claim. The worker said housekeeping would be “other treatment” under state comp law. The court didn’t see it that way.

However, this isn’t the case in all states. California has awarded injured employees workers’ comp payments for housekeeping.

Court Cite: Patches v. City of Phoenix, Arizona Court of Appeals, No. 1 CA-IC 08-2008, 2/24/09.

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  1. Nobody should have any question in their mind why California is hemorrhaging jobs at the rate they are with this example.

  2. Just glad I dont own a company in California….

  3. What do you expect from a state that has no clue about economics?

  4. I work for a home health agency. When CA rules a worker needs help with housekeeping (we don’t have ALL the info) it usually has to do with a patient that can’t get around, perhaps wheelchair as in this example, or post-op situation. Remember, before this employee was injured chances are very good they good do all these things for themselves. If I had to do the laundry from my wheelchair, I couldn’t even get in my laundry room, let alone transfer from the washer to the dryer. My company doesn’t go out and clean the entire house . . . they only assist with tasks to help the employee, and generally for only a few hours a day. Remember, chances are very good they were injured trying to do something good for your company. They likely never wanted to end up in a wheelchair. You might not realize it, but that pretty much sucks!

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