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Company faces large fine for failing to fix hazards

A company in Tonawanda, NY, faces OSHA fines for the second time this year. This time, the fines are for failing to correct hazards cited during a previous OSHA inspection.

OSHA has fined Wendt Corp., a manufacturer of car recycling equipment, $169,500.

In April, OSHA cited the company for 15 serious violations and issued a $13,500 fine which was paid. Wendt agreed to correct all cited hazards.

But in a June follow-up inspection, OSHA found 7 items remained uncorrected.

The company hadn’t:

  • established and implemented a respiratory protection program
  • provided appropriate respirator training and fit-testing for employees
  • developed firefighting information for employees expected to respond to incipient stage fires
  • provided screens or shields to protect employees working next to welding operations
  • developed and implemented a hazard communication program, and
  • provided hazard communication information and training to employees working with or exposed to welding fumes or hazardous chemicals.

The 7 failure-to-abate notices carried a $168,000 fine. OSHA also issued one serious citation to Wendt for $1,500 for not medically evaluating employees’ fitness to wear respirators.

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