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Bloomberg: Obama wrote fewer rules than Bush

Some business leaders claim the reason the U.S. economy has been floundering is because of the number of new regulations imposed by the Obama administration. Bloomberg News has conducted an analysis of new regulations enacted by the last several presidents. The results may surprise some people. 

The Obama White House has approved fewer regulations than his predecessor, George W. Bush, at this same point in their tenures.

The average annual cost to businesses under Obama is higher than most, but not all, of his predecessors. Rules enacted since 2009 haven’t reached the annual peak set in fiscal 1992 under Bush’s father.

The current administration has approved 613 federal rules, 4.7% fewer than the 643 during the same period of the previous administration.

The number of significant federal rules (those costing more than $100 million) has gone up under Obama, to 129 compared to 90 for Bush, 115 for President Clinton, and 127 for the first President Bush during the same time in their tenures. One reason for the current increase: $100 million in past years was worth more than it is now due to inflation.

Still, the Bloomberg analysis hasn’t satisfied Republicans. They contend that the issue is how businesses perceive the regulatory environment. By one count, there are as many as 219 economically significant rules still to come.

Upcoming OSHA rules include:

  • updating the Hazard Communication Standard to conform to the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) of Chemical Classification and Labeling
  • Electric Power Transmission and Distribution and Electrical Protective Equipment
  • Confined Spaces in Construction
  • Injury and Illness Prevention Programs
  • Occupational Exposure to Beryllium
  • Combustible Dust, and
  • Occupational Exposure to Food Flavorings Containing Diacetyl and its substitutes.
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  1. These are New Regulations and are in addition to those passed by previous administrations. It all stacks up. 8 billion dollars in new regulations may not sound like much to some, but that is 8 billion in NEW regulations on top of what is already being spent to comply with existing regs. At what point do we retire outdated old regulations? It seems to happen very rarely, even when new rules are written.

    Institute the rule I use with my wife for her closet. If she is going to purchase a new item for her closet, she must get rid of an existing article.

    We have reached regulatory overload. It is time to start requiring that an old regulation be retired when a new one is put in place.

  2. Obama may have approved fewer regulations but the ones he has approved are more expensive and are taxing companies out of the country. When is enough enough? The more the government regulates business the more comnpanies move to other countries. Soon the US will no longer be an industrial nation. We will be a banking nation and will be owned by China, Japan, and Saudi Arabia. Thank you OBAMA!! Who says a third term JUNIOR SENATOR hasn’t enough experience to run a country? He is succeding in running this country into the ground!!!! He was right though WE NEED CHANGE!! Just not his change!!!

  3. Answer: New regulations will “replace” old regulations when companies decide to act ethically instead of trying to circumvent regulations.

    Question: Do you have the same rule for yourself when you buy anything new?

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