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Fred Hosier

Fred Hosier, editor of Safety News Alert, is a Group Publisher for Progressive Business Publications’ Compliance Group of newsletters. He is the managing editor of the online and print publication Safety Compliance Alert. He is also the Managing Editor of the Environmental Compliance Alert. Previously at PBP he was editor of the newsletter Communication Bulletin for Managers and Supervisors.
Fred’s been in the communications business since 1985, including 11 years at WILM Newsradio in Wilmington, DE, where as News Director he and his team were the recipients of multiple awards from The Associated Press, The Society of Professional Journalists and the Radio/Television News Directors Association, including the Edward R. Murrow award for Overall Excellence of a broadcast news organization.
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Icee/SuperPretzel maker agrees to pay $153K OSHA fine, hire safety pros

The maker of some well-known snack foods has reached a region-wide settlement agreement with OSHA which includes paying a fine and upgrading its safety program at eight facilities.  [Read more…]

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Tesla and staffing agency to pay $13M in settlement with worker pinned between cars

Avoiding what would have been its first personal injury lawsuit trial, Tesla Motors settled a claim with an injured worker for $13 million but said a staffing agency, West Valley Staffing Group, “will pay the bulk of the settlement.”  [Read more…]

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Driving delivery van was a pain in the butt: Did driver get workers’ comp?

A UPS driver says the padding on the seat in his delivery vehicle was so thin that he was basically sitting on metal for up to 10 hours a day. Did that cause an injury that was eligible for workers’ comp benefits?  [Read more…]

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Did repetitive motion at work cause wrist injury?

Repetitive motion injuries can be tricky. How can you tell if this type of injury is caused by a degenerative condition, repetitive motion at work or maybe a combination of both? Should the injured employee receive workers’ comp benefits?  [Read more…]

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Distracted driving defense: ‘I was holding a hash brown, not a cell phone’

After getting a ticket for alleged distracted driving while talking on a cell phone, this Connecticut resident went to court and was able to get his ticket thrown out by arguing that he was actually eating a hash brown at the time.  [Read more…]

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Should long-term opioid painkillers be covered under workers’ comp?

An employee injured his back 13 years ago. A pain medicine specialist says opiate medications reduce his pain, improve his quality of life and overall function. His former employer’s insurance company doesn’t want to continue to pay because he’s reached maximum medical improvement. How did a court rule?  [Read more…]

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Injured during pre-employment test: Does he qualify for workers’ comp benefits?

If someone is injured during a pre-employment test, do they get workers’ comp benefits? The answer to that question came down to the definition of a three-letter word.  [Read more…]

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Notre-Dame architect acknowledges mistakes were made in fire protection plan

Wikimedia, Sébastien Ramseyer

One of the more difficult tasks in protecting buildings from fire is bringing old structures up to modern fire codes. So the challenge of protecting centuries-old Notre-Dame was daunting. Now, an official says they underestimated the challenge.  [Read more…]

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Injured falling down stairs: Does this qualify for workers’ comp benefits?

What happens when no one witnessed an injury and the injured worker doesn’t remember it?  [Read more…]

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Injured in car crash while driving to work: Settlement awards employee $2 million

The coming and going rule usually prohibits workers’ compensation from covering injuries suffered while an employee is traveling to or from work. Why was this case an exception?  [Read more…]

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