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$487K fine: 33 violations, including lack of safety training

Do you work at a company that has more than one facility? It might pay to keep track of OSHA inspections at your company’s other facilities. Those other inspections can have an impact on you.

OSHA has issued 33 citations to the Parker Hannifin Corp. plant in Batesville, MS, with penalties totaling $487,700.

Sixteen citations are for repeat violations. OSHA issues repeat violations when a company previously had been cited for the same or a similar violation at any other facility in federal enforcement states within the last five years.

Park Hannifin’s repeat citations are based on previous inspections conducted at other company locations, including a facility in Olive Branch, MS.

The 16 repeat citations, which accounted for $407,000 in fines, include failure to:

  • train workers on lockout/tagout procedures
  • conduct periodic inspections of the lockout/tagout process
  • unblock exit doors and routes
  • provide machine guarding, and
  • correct electrical deficiencies.

OSHA administrator David Michaels said Parker Hannifin “ignored many violations that OSHA previously had brought to its attention.”

The company has 15 business days to decide whether to contest the citations.

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  1. I don’t agree with the citations being repeat if they happened at other facilities. If these separate facilities are required to keep separate OSHA logs for each, then there is no reason that a citation at a facility miles away should alow another to be cited repeat.

  2. Stephanie Falls says:

    I agree 100% this is a big company and it should learn from the mistakes in the past. If it is broken in one facility and it is fixed there why not the others also. Learn and move on. What does it take someone getting killed or injuried before they say “I thought you fixed that problem”? If this company has a safety plan it should be company wide not a seperate one for each facility.

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