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30-year-old worker killed in forklift mishap

When two separate safety problems combine, the result too often is fatal.

A 30-year-old Florida construction worker was killed in a forklift mishap.

Naples Police say Christian Flores died while making a delivery of roofing tiles. Flores worked for J&A Loading of Bonita Springs, FL.

Police say he was walking between a moving forklift and the delivery truck when he was run over.

Published reports say the cause of the fatality was both faulty equipment — a broken mirror and reverse beeper — and lack of experience and training for the forklift operator.

It’s essential for forklift operators to have a clear view of their path while backing up.

OSHA is investigating.

Flores had a wife, 4-year-old daughter and an infant son in Mexico. He came to the U.S. legally to work to raise money for his family.

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  1. “I can drive a car, I can drive a forklift” mentality. How sad for this family. Forklifts are probably the most misused piece of equipment on the worksite. No matter how much training the operator has, it is still up to them to make safe operating decisions. Work pressure, the thrill, attitude, fatigue and any other number of barriers get in the way to safe operation.

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