Safety and OSHA News

Worker survives after three-inch staple pierces his head

Unfortunately for many, staple gun injuries, including ones in which the brain is pierced, are not uncommon in the construction industry. However, doctors say they’ve never seen anything like this case involving a home construction worker in Dallas. [Read more...]

Caught sleeping on light duty: Was firing justified?

Some experts advise companies to make light-duty tasks for injured workers tedious to help motivate the employees to return to their regular tasks. It appears this injured worker’s light duty was so boring that she fell asleep on the job.  [Read more...]

Feds ban use of hand-held cell phones for commercial drivers

The writing has been on the wall for a while, but now the federal government has made it official: Interstate truck and bus drivers can no longer use hand-held cell phones while driving. [Read more...]

The war of words over OSHA fines

Imagine this: You’ve been fined by OSHA. Not only that, the agency has alerted the media that your actions put your employees in danger. Do you respond, and if so, how?  [Read more...]

Joplin tornado hero to get workers’ comp after all

I don’t get it. Why deny him? I’m speechless. I don’t understand the denial. Those are some of the comments readers left on a story we ran in October about a Joplin, MO, tornado hero who was denied workers’ comp benefits. Now the insurance company has had a change of heart.  [Read more...]

Injury free for 665 days, and tomorrow is … uh oh

A worker says he was fired for refusing to wear a sticker with the number “666″ on it, designating the number of injury-free days at the plant. He wouldn’t wear the number because it’s a mark of the devil. Now he’s suing for religious discrimination.  [Read more...]

Will Facebook help uncover workers’ comp fraud?

Insurance companies have a new tool to catch workers trying to commit workers’ comp fraud, and it’s as close as a computer screen.  [Read more...]

Feds shut down company, call it ‘imminent hazard’

Yep, the federal government can shut down some types of businesses if it thinks the company is an imminent hazard.  [Read more...]

Worker dies after using lawn mower for warmth

As winter arrives, it’s a good time to remind workers not to start gas-powered engines in enclosed spaces. The result is too often fatal.  [Read more...]

OSHA sends another warning about Black Friday crowds

The title of the press release says, “OSHA encourages major retailers to provide crowd management measures.” A better word instead of “encourages” would have been “warns.”  [Read more...]